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Brook Drive


I did 3 things while I lived here:

  1. Go to school full-time during the day.
  2. Go to work at the bookstore right after school until 10 or 11PM.
  3. Stay up until 2 in the morning MUDding.

During this time, I got super addicted to Age of Chaos.

My MUD addiction started when a few of us on the Den of St. Louis BBS started playing a door game called Crossroads of the Elements. I remember meeting up at Denny's a couple of times to discuss strats for beating it. Due to school and work, I wasn't present when the group beat it. It didn't matter--I was hooked. We started looking for MUDs and found Age of Chaos. I might be misremembering, but it may have been called "The Ways" for a minute? AoC was pretty deep--there were tons of zones and it was well written. It was also full of interesting players.

I would go to school, go to work, then come home and play AoC with Jum, one of the guys from The Den. I spent countless hours playing while listening to an Echo and the Bunnymen mix tape, smoking, eating Cheez-Its, and drinking Coke. By the end of my degree, I was a walking zombie.

AoC is still there...I'm tempted.

Submitted 03/11/2021 07:16 pm