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Coldwater Creek


Long before anyone knew about the radioactive contamination of Coldwater Creek, we would play in it as kids.

Some Really Dumb Shit we did:

We used to explore the sewer system under Florissant by entering via Coldwater Creek. I remember climbing up a sewer ladder and lifting a manhole cover to traffic.


One year it rained so much that the creek flooded. My best friend Todd had an inflatible raft, so we blew it up and floated down the creek through the other neighborhoods. I was already 12 or 13, but the other neighborhoods seemed like different worlds to me.


We used to stand on either side of the creek and throw dirt clods at each other for fun. Once I picked up a heavy one, not realizing there was a rock in it. I threw it as high as I could. It arced beautifully into the sky and came down on Todd's head. He fell to the ground screaming with his hands on his head. When he finally stood up, his hands were covered in blood. He looked at me with fury, screamed "I'm going to kill you", then started running for the bridge. I tore off into the neighborhood. This was an 80's summer, so no parents were home to protect anyone. I tried to hide at a friend's house, but Todd found me and beat the crap out of me.


One day Todd and I were exploring the island in the creek by White Castle. On our way back we found these weird things hanging from the underside of a bridge. I have no idea what the hell they were used for. They were black, about 2 inches thick, and maybe 15 feet long. You could stretch them, but they were super strong and would rebound back. We cut one down and took it with us.

Once we were back near our neighborhood, we tied it to a tree branch that hung over the creek. We started taking turns holding on to the loose end, then running and jumping out over the creek. You would fly through the air, fall towards the water, then the band would rebound you back up into the air all the way back to the cliff. It was incredible.

We started egging each other on to pull the band back further every attempt. Each time we would get closer to the water on the descent before the band would launch us back. On my last attempt, the sole of my All-Stars came within an inch of the water.

On Todd's turn, he said "watch this" and backed up way further than either of us had gone. He ran and jumped out over the creek. He dropped towards the water, the band stretching as he fell. His shoes tapped the water and he held there for a split second. Then the band snapped at the top and shot down towards him. He fell into the water and started screaming. When he stood up, his entire arm was covered in a bright red welt where the band had whipped his skin.

I tore off into the neighborhood where he eventually caught up and beat the crap out of me.

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