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I lived near here for 3 months. I was 19, directionless, and made bad decisions.

One of the few nice things about this time was a girl named D. I went to a mall by myself one night looking for music and saw her working at one of the stores. I don't remember how many times I had to go back before getting enough courage to ask her for her number, but she gave it to me.

We only hung out a few times. There was a night at IHOP with her friends. I was reading a lot of Bukowski at the time so another night I made her rent Barfly. I can't remember anything about the movie or if it was any good. One day she took me to Mystic. We were only there for a little bit but the weather was nice and it made an impression on me.

She was kind. I hope life has been good to her.

Submitted 04/14/2021 02:26 am